sauce being poured on Hainanse Duck with dip on the side at Village 36



Army ramen dish served in a round bowl

Army Stew

South Korean street-style Ramen

Dan Dan Noodles served in a blue round open bowl

Dan Dan Noodles

A Chinese dry noodle bowl with chilli and sesame

Fish salad  served in a small round green and white bowl

Thai-marinated Seafood Salad

Fresh prawns, salmon and tuna in spicy Thai dressing

sauce being poured on Hainanse Duck with dip on the side at Village 36

Hainanese Rice

Served with Forbidden black rice or sticky jasmine rice, an aromatic broth and assorted condiments

hot pot dish with assorted meat and condiments

Hot Pot

Assorted Meat/Vegetables with spicy broth and dipping sauce

vietnamense pho on a serving board with accompaniments

Vietnamese Pho

Vietnamese beef bone broth, rice noodles, brisket, tenderloin and bone marrow


Banana drink in a small glass with sun shining on it

Super Tramp

Short story vodka, banana, lemongrass, stillabunt

Giggle water drink in a glass with black background

Giggle Water

Short story gin, watermelon shrub, basil, club soda

Thai chai drink in a glass with sun shining on it

Thai Chai

Short story vodka, masala chai, orange

Bubble Butt drink with leaves on the side

Bubble Butt

Short story gin, raspberry, lychee, vermouth


Crispy pork in a wooden serving dish with sides and veggies at Village 36

"Just Heavenly!"

Divinia Mascarenhas

Maya is a genius in delivering exceptional dishes and drinks. Our entire order was outstanding, with the pork belly BBQ bites being a heavenly delight, and the cocktails adding to the deliciousness.

vietnamense pho with a dip and a drink on the side at Village 36

"A Must Visit!"

Kishore Rao

A recent addition to Assagaon, Goa's dining scene, this eatery presents an honest interpretation of Asian street food. The dishes we tried were genuine, made with authentic ingredients and presented well. Despite the abundance of Asian food establishments in Goa, this one stands out for its scrumptious everyday cuisine sourced from various parts of Asia. A visit here is highly recommended.

sauce being poured on Hainanse Duck with dip on the side at Village 36

"Cannot Wait To Be Back!"

Nauhar Rana

Chef Maia and Sanchit have done a remarkable job creating a wonderful establishment. The food is absolutely brilliant, and the ambiance is warm and inviting. The interiors, courtesy of Suzanne Khan, are stunning, and the service is impeccable. The mixologist, Akshay, elevates the cocktails to new heights. However, the real highlight is the food, which left us with a strong desire to return soon. The crackling pork was exceptional, the prawn wantons were superb, the fried rice was unparalleled, the beef carpaccio was a perfect 10, and the duck was brilliant. Kudos to the team!

Prawns in a ceramic serving plate at Village 36

"Each Dish is Original & Inventive!"

Nico Toller

Within a single week, we visited Village 36 twice, and it has easily become our favourite restaurant in Goa (considering our few years of residency and frequent dining out experiences). The menu offers original and creative dishes, featuring street food from various East Asian countries. Portion sizes are generous, the restaurant design is beautiful, and the service is outstanding. Surprisingly, the prices are quite reasonable for the quality of food and service, and the alcoholic beverages are also relatively cheap. It's unbelievable that a high-end Assagao restaurant serves a beer for just 110 rupees.

Prawns with a Tom Yum Dressing, Pork Belly, Dan Dan Noodles, Tomato and Mozzarella Salad (transformed into a signature dish bursting with flavour through a smoked olive oil dressing), Sashimi and The smores pudding was heavenly. We are already planning to return next week, the following week, and the week after that, until the staff gets tired of us. Thank you to the team for providing an exceptional meal and experience.

An overview of the outdoor seating arrangements at Village 36

"Insta-friendly Interiors!"

Maria Mani Kumar

The flavours at this restaurant are amazing and unique. We particularly enjoyed the various sauces and dips. The service was excellent, with Allan and the rest of the staff being extremely kind, courteous, and helpful. The restaurant's interior design is very Instagram-friendly. We will definitely return to try more of their delicious Asian street-style food.

Cosy seating arrangements with cotton mattresses and glass ceiling at Village 36

"Welcoming and Eclectic Interiors!"

Sumeet Bhobe

The dining experience at this restaurant was absolutely stupendous! Chef Maia's expertise in working with Asian flavours was evident, as she artfully balanced the holy trinity of piquant, sour, and sweet. The eatery's welcoming and eclectic interiors transport diners to an exotic far-eastern locale, complete with tasteful decor and cosy seating that's perfect for enjoying the many spectacular dishes on offer. The old-school wood-fired smoker produces slow-cooked Peking duck and other meats that are simply delectable. The bar is also superb, with a talented team who craft outstanding cocktails. Village 36 is a spectacularly Instagram-friendly venue, and the lighting is just right for capturing wonderful memories to cherish. With all these amazing features, this restaurant is sure to have you coming back for more!

Beef salad in a round ceramic bowl at Village 36

"Great Vibe!"

Khushboo K

This restaurant was a complete surprise - we didn't expect it to be so amazing! It turned out to be the best food we had during our week-long trip to Goa. Everything on the menu was fantastic, and the cocktails were expertly paired with great combinations. We tried the beef salad, prawn wontons, pork belly, and hamachi, and loved every bite. The vibe of the place was great, with thoughtfully done decor and live music. We will definitely have to visit this restaurant again!