The chefs creating culinary magic at our kitchen


Chef Maia plating a dish

Chef Maia

Chef Maia has always had a passion for Japanese food and culture and has been a part of the Japanese Cuisine and Food Culture Resource Development Committee. Influences can be seen in her cooking and whilst interpreting any cuisine.

Chef Sanchit preparing a dish in a kitchen

Chef Sanchit 

Chef Sanchit, after staging at one Michelin star restaurant, Gaa in Bangkok, is driven by modern methods of cooking, French technique and precision which he has skillfully woven into his cooking through the years.

Chef duo Maia Lai and Sanchit Behl, after graduating culinary school in Manipal, have been contributing to the growth of the F&B culture in Goa for the last 7 years,
experimenting and honing their skills in various cuisines such as Latin American, French and Japanese.

Chefs Maia and Sanchit met at culinary school and immediately felt a connection when it came to their passion for cuisine and experimentation. After graduating and gaining substantial experience in 5 stars they came together to create menus and atmospheres in the dining culture of Goa.

Vedant Gupta


Having completed internships with famous names like Dainik Jagran and Madison World, Vedant, a passionate foodie, realised his true talents lie in resource management and understanding the evr-changing business landscape on a whole new level. Through his association with V Escapes and Vedro he aims to re-define the luxuries of short-term staycations in India. 

Gunjan Bakshi


With experience in luxury fashion from Reliance Brands Limited in Mumbai, Gunjan moved to Goa in 2017. Subsequently, immersing herself in luxury real estate and hospitality  with renowned companies in Goa and gaining much success, her journey culminated in bringing together her experience and passion to a beautifully orchestrated destination -- V Escapes. Her goal is to bring fresh, cutting edge ideas that expand the definitions of luxury hospitality in India.

Sussanne Khan

(Creative Partner)

Using natural fibres, wood, metals and geometric patterns to accentuate her work, Sussanne has created her own trademark in the interior designing space. The journey that started in 1995, after obtaining her Associate Art Degree in Interior Design from Brooks College, California, has culminated in the creation of The Charcoal Project and a collection of exquisite projects in its wake.